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Saints Row IV – Cheat Codes

Το IGN μας προσφέρει όλα τα γνωστά cheats του Saints Row IV μέσα από ένα βίντεο που “ανέβασε” στο youtube.

Έχετε υπόψιν ότι όσο τα cheats είναι ενεργοποιημένα, τα autosaves και τα achievement/trophy unlocks είναι κλειδωμένα.

“Free” Cheats:
CHEESE – Add $100K to your bank account.
LETSROCK – Equips a full loadout of randomized weapons.
GOODYGOODY – clears all notoriety
RUNFAST – Infinite Sprint
FRYHOLE – “Heavenbound” – dead bodies float into the sky
VROOM – Indestructible Cars
ISQUISHYOU – Cars now drive over other cars like tanks (This can only be deactivated by reloading a clean save file).
HOHOHO – Pedestrians turn into pimps and hos.
MASCOT – Pedestrians turn into mascots.
EVILCARS – Cars on the road try to kill you.

[youtube id=”QWj8yQ3TB5E” width=”633″ height=”356″]


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DudensenSaints Row IV – Cheat Codes

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